In The News

Here are a few links to news pieces in the Aiken area that have featured us:

WJBF in Augusta came and did some video and an interview with me about Aiken’s Horse world at the farm. Strange editing, but there it is. The horses are kind of cute eating apples, but it was at the end of a long summer and they look a little bleached out:

Here’s an article about Aiken’s charms that features a nice picture of me and Gary on Cowboy and Steven at the Aiken Hounds Opening Meet.

A couple years ago now, Gary and I went down to Camden to pick up some starving horses and take them back to Equine Rescue of Aiken. The Aiken Standard reported on that:–3669326

And then of course, there are some articles about us playing polo, like this one:

And here’s one about our ladies team winning in the arena:Ā 

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