Dog & Hound Covers

Here are some covers I have shot for The Dog & Hound. These include a picture taken this February 2016 at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The photo is of Parker (Shana’s Blue Bayou), who won Best Of Breed in the Schnauzer class. Parker is co-owned by LeAnn Shank, Judy Marchant and Dr. Cindy Brown, and was born right here in Aiken, S.C.



I took this photo at Westminster shortly after Parker won his class. LeeAnn Shank stood him up on a table at the show against a white background. It was very dark, so it is a high ISO shot, but I thought it captured Parker’s noble look. Click the cover above for access to the online edition and Westminster article.

DAH Winter Cover 2014.2015

This cover shows Caroline Wolcott with her foster dogs Ginger and Ginger’s two puppies. This was taken shortly before the puppies left on a transport for Rhode Island. Ginger needed to find a rescue in a different state, since she was heartworm positive and Rhode Island doesn’t accept heartworm+ dogs. Fortunately, Ginger did find a home in Massachusetts. The issue’s featured article was in fostering, and there is an in depth article featuring Caroline and her mother Georgianna Conger Wolcott, as well as two other foster families.

I had gone over to visit the Wolcotts and the puppies and I took quite a few pictures. This one was nice because all the dogs look so loving.



This cover is for our Greyhounds breed issue. He’s a rescue, and was not interested in looking into the camera until we played him a YouTube video of Greyhounds “rooing.” This is a special kind of Greyhound singing. Look it up!

(Greyhounds rooing)


Charlotte Gayle and her foster dog at the Pilots N Paws Flyaway event at the Greenville airport in September 2014. This cover story won the 2015 Maxwell Award for the best rescue story of the year.